Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Public inquiry called over Plas Madoc Communities First scandal

Following the publication of the Wales Audit Office report into misuse of public money in Plas Madoc Communities First, Janet Ryder, Plaid AM for North Wales, said:

"This is a deeply disturbing report outlining quite massive abuse of public money for private gain. That's why I'm calling for a public inquiry into the Communities First set-up to ensure that this appalling misuse of public funds is not repeated elsewhere.
"The detailed audit findings demonstrate that tens of thousands of pounds have been paid without proper checks, invoicing or even cheque stubs being filled in - many of these payments were to friends and family.
"Elements in PMCF were operating without regard to their own board or any external checks. Cash payments were rife - even extending to buying a car for £2,500.
"Alarm bells first rang back in 2003 - the first year CF was set up in Plas Madoc, when local council auditors found serious financial problems. Despite this litany of misuse of public funds, nothing further was done by the Labour government of the time and the problem remained until a lone whistleblower went public.
"The failure of the former Labour administration to question its own flagship policy begs wider questions.
"Can we be sure that there's only one Plas Madoc? Only a public inquiry will tell us."

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  1. well..plaid have been in power for over three years now and comm firsts are the baby of the why the wait????