Thursday, 17 September 2009

Red tape strangling voluntary groups

Voluntary groups are facing "unacceptable delays and extra costs" because of bureaucracy and red tape.
 That's the view of Plaid Cymru North Wales AM Janet Ryder, who has spoken out against the delays and added costs facing voluntary workers who have to apply for multiple Criminal Records Bureau checks.
 Janet Ryder said:
"Of course CRB checks are needed to safeguard young people and vulnerable adults, but I fail to see why the same person has to get multiple police checks. For example, a volunteer with an after-schools club who then goes to work in a homeless hostel has to apply twice for a CRB check - this can take weeks and means a hold-up in terms of employment, meaning the charity or voluntary group is stretched for staff and also that the service provided to vulnerable people is diminished.
 "With hundreds of thousands of volunteers across Wales, it's important that we strike the right balance between safety and common sense so that voluntary groups aren't drowning in a sea of red tape."

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