Friday, 4 June 2010

Llangollen museum - a volunteering triumph

Llangollen museum is one of those rarities - a full-time operation serving the community that's operated entirely by volunteers. I recently visited the museum, which is in a great location in the town centre, and met up with some of the volunteers including Sue Evans.
 She showed the museum's latest development - holographs of Welsh historic treasures that are a fantastic innovation for the town. This enables small museums such as Llangollen to show off some of Wales's greatest treasures without the added security and cost burden - as the picture shows, the holographs are excellent. You really feel you can touch the artefacts!
 Sue and her team are also involved in a forthcoming dig this summer at the Pillar of Egliseg, a hugely important and imposing stone pillar - originally a Celtic cross - above Llangollen. I look forward to visiting the dig, which may throw up some interesting insights into the site's pre-history.

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