Friday, 23 April 2010

Labour candidate's nuclear deterrent gaffe

Labour's Clwyd South candidate has contradicted her party's line on replacing the Trident nuclear deterrent in a well-attended hustings meetings in Ruabon's community centre tonight.
Susan Jones, until recently a Labour councillor in Peckham, told the meeting that she had been convinced by the argument of Lord (Dennis) Healey against upgrading the Trident nuclear submarine system. She told the 150-strong audience at the meeting, organised by Together Creating Communities (TCC), that "I am not convinced the future of defence is nuclear."
Labour's official position is committed to the nuclear deterrent, at an estimated cost of £100 billion.

Janet Ryder, who is challenging for the seat on behalf of Plaid Cymru, said:
 "We know all three London parties are committed to more nuclear missiles at huge expense, with Tory and Labour pledging to upgrade the Trident system. But tonight we heard the Labour candidate contradict that pledge and back Plaid's position. 
 "Plaid and our colleagues in the SNP are clear in wanting to save £100bn by not spending money on this outdated weapons system. I'm very pleased Susan Jones agrees with that position but where does Labour stand on nuclear weapons? Plaid is clear that we can neither afford it morally or financially in the current economic climate."

 The evening, chaired by local minister Mike Harrison, was the latest in a series of meetings organised by TCC to hold candidates to account. The next in the series is in the Regent St Methodist Chapel in Wrexham on Monday evening.


  1. You'll like this poster.

  2. Having heard Susan Jones and John Bell I really worry about the future of South Clwyd. Neither of them on the evidence of their answers in the hustings are up to the job.

  3. "I hate to correct you on your (very good) blog, Janet, but I suspect this wasn't a gaffe at all by the Labour candidate. Susan Elan Jones has written similar on this subject in the past and her views on this subject are on record
    I think the approach she is taking is quite clever - as an independent-minded Welsh Labour candidate - and this might stand her in good stead?"
    I felt for you at the end of the meeting.Your colleagues on Wrexham council apparently seemed to creep quietly and almost unnoticed from the meeting.(I didn't notice myself.)Many commented at their discourtesy both to you and particularly to TCC.Many voiced the opinion that their arrogance was insulting.